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Wellness Program Evaluation

The Center is uniquely position to offer wellness program evaluation to assess the program's compliance with the various laws that impact workplace wellness program design and implementation.  The Center's founder, Attorney Barbara J. Zabawa, JD, MPH, is authoring a book entitled Rule the Rules of Workplace Wellness Programs that covers the various workplace wellness program laws, such as HIPAA, ACA, ADA, GINA, FLSA, tax laws, anti-discrimination laws, FTC Act, FCRA, GLBA, FDA Act, CLIA and others.  The Center has developed an audit tool to help evaluate a wellness program's compliance with each of these laws.  Wellness organizations that retain the Center to conduct such an evaluation receive a report that shows the organization its compliance strengths and weaknesses.  Wellness organizations can then use the evaluation to show prospective clients their commitment to compliance, which helps earn the trust of the wellness program participants.  Such trust can translate into more effective wellness programs.

Make Compliance a Selling Point

You work hard to differentiate yourself from the pack. The Center can help. The Center offers compliance evaluations and support to give you and your clients confidence in the services you provide. Backing up your health or wellness services with the Center's expertise in health and wellness compliance can enhance the credibility and effectiveness of your health or wellness service. Contact us today. We would love to be your legal partner!

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