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The Need for Legal Review for Health and Wellness Start-Ups

A Pathway for Legally Marketing Hemp-based Products

What is Wellness Law?

Barbara Zabawa at Wellness Underground in February 2017

Designing A Legally Compliant Wellness Program

Barbara Zabawa from The Center for Health & Wellness Law speaks on legal compliance and corporate wellness programs at The Alliance Learning Circle on January 21, 2016.

Barbara Zabawa speaks to the State Bar of Wisconsin about the impact of the King v. Burwell case:

 Video regarding Impact of King v. Burwell

 CMS Video regarding on how to submit proper documentation for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy providers

OIG Video on the Stark Law

OIG Video on the Anti-Kickback Statute

OIG Video on Compliance Program Basics

OIG Video on Effects of Exclusion from Federal Health Programs

OIG Video on Guidance for Health Care Boards

OIG Video on Compliance Oversight for Health Care Leaders

OIG Video on Tips for Implementing an Effective Compliance Program

OIG Video on the Importance of Documentation

Make Compliance a Selling Point

You work hard to differentiate yourself from the pack. The Center can help. The Center offers compliance evaluations and support to give you and your clients confidence in the services you provide. Backing up your health or wellness services with the Center's expertise in health and wellness compliance can enhance the credibility and effectiveness of your health or wellness service. Contact us today. We would love to be your legal partner!

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