The Center creates employment contracts for employers that serve the employer's best interest.  For health and wellness employers, the Center ensures that employment contracts comply with various healthcare regulations, such as Stark, Anti-kickback, as well state licensing and insurance requirements.  For prospective employees, such as health care practitioners, the Center offers expert advice and review of employment contracts, advising on noncompete and nonsolicitation clauses, termination provisions and compensation terms. 

Accessible Consultations

As a health or wellness professional, your mission to improve the lives of your patients and clients comes first. That's why the Center offers affordable compliance options. For regular access to health and wellness compliance expertise, consider our help desk, which can be arranged for a flat fee. For the rare inquiry, our hourly consultant rate may be best. In any case, the Center works to meet your health and wellness compliance needs.

Make Compliance a Selling Point

You work hard to differentiate yourself from the pack. The Center can help. The Center offers compliance evaluations and support to give you and your clients confidence in the services you provide. Backing up your health or wellness services with the Center's expertise in health and wellness compliance can enhance the credibility and effectiveness of your health or wellness service. Contact us today. We would love to be your legal partner!

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