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For more complex or novel questions or needs, the Center offers clients consult services.  Consult services address issues that require larger amounts of time to research and analyze, usually leading to a memorandum or some other written product for the client.  These services may address a complex health or wellness regulatory problem, a cease and desist letter, an internal memorandum about how to handle a new venture, or a memorandum on how to minimize risk, as examples.  Consult services are charged at an hourly rate, but the Center manages its time and resources to give clients the best value for the service.

Make Compliance a Selling Point

You work hard to differentiate yourself from the pack. The Center can help. The Center offers compliance evaluations and support to give you and your clients confidence in the services you provide. Backing up your health or wellness services with the Center's expertise in health and wellness compliance can enhance the credibility and effectiveness of your health or wellness service. Contact us today. We would love to be your legal partner!

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