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Center for Health & Wellness Law's Mission Statement

Improving Legal Access and Compliance for the Health and Wellness Industries

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The Center for Health and Wellness Law, LLC is the “go-to” law firm for the health and wellness industries.  The Center provides legal advice, resources, trainings and advocacy to help the health and wellness industries operate in a compliant and optimal manner, which ultimately benefits patients and improves population health.  The Center is a boutique law firm that understands, appreciates and shares in the goals of the health and wellness industries and the professionals who work within them.

Through its training services, the Center educates and promotes compliance, standards and best practices in the wellness industry, including the workplace wellness industry.  The Center's educational programs are an opportunity to convene various stakeholders in wellness to learn and share in one another's goal to improve population health and well-being.  The wellness industry comprises of vendors, health educators, health promotion specialists, human resource personnel, health coaches, public health professionals, health care providers (which includes alternative health care providers) and other community members such as schools, churches, government, organic product producers and business. 

The Center offers in-person and online education programs that focus on compliance and best practices in creating and implementing wellness initiatives in the various sectors, such as in the workplace, in health care provider settings, or in the community.  Initially, the Center will likely focus on one or two sectors, such as workplace and health providers.  The Center will seek participation from the Validation Institute and HERO to provide their expertise on best practice research.  The goal of each program will be to offer practical insight and tools attendees can apply in their diverse settings to improve wellness.  The Center would aim to partner with other certification programs, such as NWI and CHES, to ensure that the Center's training earned credit for those certification programs.

The Center also offers training programs to individuals and groups upon request, such as to a company's human resource department or clinic management staff, regarding compliance and standards.  Alternatively, an individual or group could order the training curriculum and conduct it as a self-study, modeled after the Sanctuary Model by Dr. Sandra Bloom.  The curriculum could be downloadable from the Center's website.

Finally, the Center monitors and promotes state and federal legislation and policy to ensure laws and policies positively impact the wellness industry.  The Center may help in the development of standards in sharing data or incentivizing wellness, working with other organizations such as WELCOA and the EEOC to create those standards.  The Center may also develop model policies for which health and wellness professionals and organizations can request support from their political leaders.  The Center will also educate its members on how to contact legislators and government agencies and how to effect law and policy change to promote wellness.

Make Compliance a Selling Point

You work hard to differentiate yourself from the pack. The Center can help. The Center offers compliance evaluations and support to give you and your clients confidence in the services you provide. Backing up your health or wellness services with the Center's expertise in health and wellness compliance can enhance the credibility and effectiveness of your health or wellness service. Contact us today. We would love to be your legal partner!

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